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I love St. Casimir Catholic School and offer thanks to the influence of the teachers and support staff. My grand-daughter has been here since PreK-3 and is now in 4th grade. I would recommend St. Casimir Catholic School to any parents, grandparent or guardian who cares about the academics and personal growth of their child. — Mary Hocking, Grandparent


Academic Honors

The criteria is as follows:

1st Honors – all A’s and 1 B – Grades 4 to 8
2nd Honors – All A’s and B’s – Grades 4 to 8
Honorable Mention – A’s, B’s and 1 C. – Grades 4 to 8
Conduct must be outstanding or satisfactory in all classes.
                           Principal’s Award - All O’s in conduct and effort -Grades 1-8

Grade 3: Principal’s Award: Payne Masaitis and Bella Wimbush.

Grade 4:   1st Honors: Elizabeth Samotyi and Taylor Ziegler.  2nd Honors: Gisselle Candelario, Morgan Mathena and John Wall.

Grade 5:    1st Honors: Anika Aracan, Manny Ramierz Sosa, and Veronica Schmidt.  2nd Honors:  Hope Dudley, Andi Kremer and Katie Thayer.
Honorable Mention:  Josh Carlino, Kyla Epley, Cole Perkins and Paris Humes.
Principal’s Award: Anika Aracan, Manny Ramirez Sosa,Veronica Schmidt and Katie Thayer.

Grade 6:   2nd Honors:  Quinn Caltrider and Angel Mejia Leon.  Honorable Mention: Olivia Bounds and Giovanni Rizzotti.

Grade 7:    1st Honors: Camille Carlino Michael Chorabik and Mickella Harris.  2nd Honors:  Maryam Beg, Tristin Charron, Elise O’Leary and Issai Wimbush.
Principal’s Award:  Camille Carlino and Mickella Harris

Grade 8:    1st Honors:  Gabriella Ewachiw and Jinna Raj-Woodward.  Honorable Mention:   Bridget Brunelli and Sophia Mandour.
Principal’s Award:  Gabriella Ewachiw Sophia Mandour and Jinna Raj-Woodward.