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The criteria is as follows:

1st Honors – all A’s and 1 B – Grades 4 to 8
2nd Honors – All A’s and B’s – Grades 4 to 8
Honorable Mention – A’s, B’s and 1 C. – Grades 4 to 8
Conduct must be outstanding or satisfactory in all classes.
Principal’s Award – All O’s in conduct and effort -Grades 1-8

Congratulations to our Award Winners for the Second Trimester of 2016-2017

First Honors

Noble Deloath Gilliam, Tyler Heibler- Martin, Bella Wimbush, Mason Lingenfelder, Jake Rusnak, Anika Aracan, Andi Kremer, Veronica Schmidt, Kennedy Walls, Katerina Alafassos, Milana Marangoni, Patrick McGregor, Hope Dudley, Maureen Wall,       Ryan Zakroski, Quinn Caltrider,     Elizabeth Samotyj, Giselle Candelario, Daya Dopkowski

Second Honors

Max Almanzar, Emily Gott, Nate Matoska, Zandir Bates, Georgios Bitsanis, Necktario Tsoulfidis, Pavlos Bisiotis, Lily Blatterman, Roy Chan, Claire Hammond, Nicholas Lazos, Slade Lippy, Lucy Thayer, Sierra Wellman, Jack McGregor

Honorable Mention

Katerina Tomazos, George Weirs, Gabriella Jones, Brooke Spence, Katie Thayer, Eva Appel, Giovanni Rizzotti, Nicole Morales,       Angel Mejia Leon, Isabelle Diffendall

Principals Award: Outstanding conduct and effort

Carly Culli, Adelaide Habela, Konstantin Lalicki, Eason Gaba, Nate Aisquith, Robbie Myer, Tai Doucet Nguyen      , Katerina Alafassos, Iris Plaffli, Maureen Wall, Elizabeth Samotyj, Soha Saleem, Emily Gott, Katerina Tomazos, Bella Wimbush, Dahlia Brose, Nikoletta Georgalas, Rex Lears, Mateo Martin Franco, Marrleigh O’Connell, Kori Pitts, Michael Yacumis, Skyler Zeng