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The criteria is as follows:

1st Honors – all A’s and 1 B – Grades 4 to 8
2nd Honors – All A’s and B’s – Grades 4 to 8
Honorable Mention – A’s, B’s and 1 C. – Grades 4 to 8
Conduct must be outstanding or satisfactory in all classes.
Principal’s Award – All O’s in conduct and effort -Grades 1-8

Congratulations to the following students for their achievements in the Second Trimester.  

Grade 1 – Ms. Stephen – Principal’s Award:  Eason Gaba, Uma Kini, Konstantin Lalicki , Isabella Levero, and Robbie Myer.

Grade 1 – Ms. Apicella – Principal’s Award: Anika VanArenddonk, Carly Culli, and Adalaide Habela.

Grade 2 – Principal’s Award: Avery Jupitz, Jack Kaczorowski, Amanda Marciszewski, Iris Pfaffli, Flora Ramirez Sosa, Isuan Watkins, Anna Chavez, Tai Doucet-Nguyen and Sadira Mirjafary.

Grade 3Principal’s Award: Katerina Alafassos, Yianni Vasilakopoulos, and Sierra Wellman.

Grade 4: 1st Honors:  Zandir Bates, Tyler Hiebler-Martin, Mason Lingenfelder, Payne Masaitis, Jake Rusnak ,and  Bella Wimbush. 2nd Honors: Maximo Almanzar, Georgios Bitsanis, Emily Gott, Katerina Tomazos, Ryelin Weindl, and George Weirs. Honorable Mention:  Hannah Marciszewski.   Principal’s Award: Payne Masaitis, Ryelin Weindl, and Bella Wimbush.

Grade 5:  1st Honors:  Gisselle Candelario and Elizabeth Samotyj. 2nd Honors: Morgan Mathena, John Wall and Taylor Ziegler.  Honorable Mention: Jack McGregor. Principal’s Award:  Gisselle Candelario and Elizabeth Samotyi.

Grade 6:   1st Honors: Anika Aracan and Veronica Schmidt. 2nd Honors: Hope Dudley, Andi Kremer, Manuel Ramirez Sosa.   Honorable Mention: Josh Carlino, Brooke Spence and Katie Thayer. Principal’s Award: Manuel Ramirez Sosa and Veronica Schmidt.

Grade 7: 2nd Honors:  Quinn Caltrider and Giovanni Rizzotti.     Honorable Mention: Lucia Given.   Principal’s Award: Lucia Given and Sydney Stavrinoudis.

Grade 8: 1st Honors:  Michael Chorabik and Mickella Harris. 2nd Honors: Camille Carlino, Elise O’Leary, and Maryam Beg. Principal’s Award: Mickella Harris, Camille Carlino,  Elise O’Leary.