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The high academic and moral standards taught at St. Casimir school became a foundation for religious and academic growth throughout my life. The principle of accountability and the expectation of doing well were lessons learned at an early age and have served me well in my professional and personal life. LIfelong friendships complete the picture of my years at St. Casimir’s. — Joan Derus Trush, Class of 1962


Academic Honors

The criteria is as follows:

1st Honors – all A’s and 1 B – Grades 4 to 8
2nd Honors – All A’s and B’s – Grades 4 to 8
Honorable Mention – A’s, B’s and 1 C. – Grades 4 to 8
Conduct must be outstanding or satisfactory in all classes.
                           Principal’s Award – All O’s in conduct and effort -Grades 1-8

Grade 1: Principal’s Award
Owen Barron, Anna Chavez, Tai Doucet-Nguyen, Patrick Enoch, Avery Jupitz, Jack Kaczorowksi,
Iris Pfaffli and,  Florangel Ramirez-Sosa.

Grade 2 Ms. Hofmann – Principal’s Award
Katerina Alfassos, Sophia Harris, and Yanni Vasilakopoulos

Grade 2 Ms. Vogel – Prncipal’s Award
Pavlos Bisiotis, Evan Chen, Palmer Masaitis, Maureen Wall and Sierra Wellman.

Grade 3: Principal’s Award
Tyler Hiebler-Martin, Payne Masaitis and Bella Wimbush.

Grade 4
1st Honors  Jack McGregor, Elizabeth Samotyi and John Wall.
2nd Honors: Gisselle Candelario and Taylor Ziegler.

Grade 5
1st Honors: Anika Aracan, Manny Ramierz Sosa, and Veronica Schmidt.
2nd Honors:  Hope Dudley, Paris Humes, Andi Kremer, Kylie Sibiski, Brooke Spence and Katie Thayer.    Honorable Mention:  Kyla Epley and Cole Perkins.
Principal’s Award: Anika Aracan, Manny Ramirez Sosa,and Veronica Schmidt.

Grade 6
2nd Honors:  Quinn Caltrider.
Honorable Mention: Angel Mejia Leon.

Grade 7
1st Honors: Mickella Harris.
2nd Honors:  Maryam Beg, Camille Carlino,  Michael Chorabik, Elise O’Leary and Issai Wimbush.  Principal’s Award:  Camille Carlino, Mickella Harris, and Elise O’Leary.

Grade 8
1st Honors:  Gabriella Ewachiw and Jinna Raj-Woodward.
2nd Honors:  Bridget Brunelli.
Honorable Mention
: Sophia Mandour.
Principal’s Award:  Gabriella Ewachiw and Sophia Mandour.