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Annual Fund

Our campaign for 2017 ended with a new record of over $50,000 in donations.   The proceeds from the Annual Fund keep our academics strong and our tuition affordable.  Every gift, whether large or small, enriches the lives of our students in their pursuit of academic, character, spiritual, athletic and apostolic development.

100% of our School Board and 100% of our full-time faculty and staff made contributions this year.  We also received donations from alumni, parishioners, parents, grandparents, community members, and friend of our school.

Thank you to our 2017 Annual Fund Donors to date.   We appreciate your continued support!

2017 ANNUAL FUND DONORS as of June 19, 2017

St. Casimir Leaders ($1,000 and above)





Peter Arend*

Scott and Joanne Boylan

Karen Davidson*

Regina Hartka in memory of Bill Hartka

William Goodwin

Rosemary Krause

St. Maximilian Kolbe Society ($500-$999)

Jeffery and Denise Bates*

Louis David

Robert and Noreen Heffner

William and Molly Hubbard*

James and Kathleen Roberge

St. Francis of Assisi Circle ($250-$499)

T. Ian Barron

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Boyd

John Caruso*

Jen,Joe and Jude DiMattina

Joan Gaisor

Michael Maraccio

James MCPartland

Sheila Merritt

Dolores Ann Noell

Conrad Poniatowski

Mary Joan Puglese

Tory and Amy Rohbraugh

Michele Salvino*

Bernadette Sroka*

The Stelmaszczyk Family

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Stachowski

Mercedes Stevens

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Viviano

William Whitehurst*

St. Anthony of Padua Advocates ($100-$249)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Adamski

Peter Agnew*

Patricia Bart

Gil Barker

JoAnne and Gerald Benson Jr.

Monica Birdick

Cathy Cipperly

Helen Covacevich

F. Joseph Dagher MD

Mary A. Darlak

Joseph Dodson

Karmela Galla

Frances Gustin

Patricia Marie Hartnett

Diana Bolton and Stephen Hess

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hilliard

Judith Howe

Joseph M. Imbierowicz

Theresa Iwancio

Geraldine Jedlicka

Jean  Jomidad

Dorothy Kielian

Patricia Kowalewski

Mr. and Mrs. Marion Krolikowski

Deacon and Mrs. Joseph Krysiak

Alma Laufert

Adam Mazurek*

Baltimore Community Foundation

Meagher Family

Edwin Nowicki

Robert Obst

Tracy A. Palmer

Nancy L. Poniatowski

Dan Popera*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Purtell

Timothy C Ratajczak

Connie D. Rhodes

Mr. and Mrs. Derek Rollend

Joan Rosenhauer

Roberta Ryan

Jerzy and Danuta Samotyj

Charles Santoni

Mary Jane Schafer

John and Rosalie Sellman

Ryan and Kate Shanahan

Lawrence and Dolores Skoczynski

Dominick Slezak*

Mary Ellen Stepowany

Dennis and Joyce Stewart

Joan Trush*

Ann Turnball

Alice VanGorder

Elaine Weber in memory of Anna Pierce

Theresa Williamson

Michele Winkler in memory of Anna Pierce

Carolyn Wiseman

Eugene Wolski MD

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zabrora

St. Joseph Cupertino Club (up to $99)

Robert Abt in memory of Father Berard

Alissa Apicella

Denise C. Aversa

Andrew C.Bauer

Regina Bellizzi

Donald and Rosemary Blair

Gail and Edward Bochniak

Nancy Borkoski

Melissa Colflesh

Christopher R. Cichowicz

Stephen Cieslak

Mel Conley

John S. Curreri Sr.

Florence Delibera

Derek Depasquale

Brian Desmond

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Dickant

Lois and  Gregg Dudley

Gregory and Denise Eagle in memory of Anna Pierce

Ted and Eileen Farrell

Mary Finecey

Allison  Gardner

Clare Glenn

Carolyn Green

Lance and Patty Griffin

Anthony Hall Jr.

Mary C. Hetmanski

Christina Hoffman

Victoria A. Johnson

Darryl Jurkiewicz

Jeanine Kirwan

David and Yvonne Kordonski

Thomas Kosinski

Joe Kropkowski

Robert  Krusniewski

Ronnie and Bill Kulbicki

Ed and Deanne Lawrence in memory of Anna Pierce

George G. Lawrence

William and Nancy Lawrence in memory of Anna Pierce

Jadwiga Lay

Thomas Lipka

David Ludwikoski

Victor Malabayabas*

Carolyn Malczewski

Ashley and Simon Matthews

Micklos Family

Mike Muth*

Linda S. O’Connor

Mike Pasquariello

Leo Pawelczyk

Lamont Pennick

Michael J. Piechocki

Mary Pilachowski

Stanislaus S. Pyzik

Kathleen and Robert Quick

Cindy Rebbert

Linda Schech

Jan Schwirian

William J.Smith

Robert Sroka

Theresa Staniewski

Dena Stewart

Patricia Walton

Kaitlyn Williams

Susan Wolpoff in memory of Anna Pierce

Cecelia Wright

Margaret Ziemski in memory of Anna Pierce

* School Board Members

Our 2018 Annual Fund will start with an early donation option in December to take advantage of 2017 tax benefits.  The full program kick-off will be in February of 2018.

For additional information, please contact Mrs. Kathleen Roberge in the school Advancement Office , 410-321-2681 or for additional information