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I love St. Casimir Catholic School and offer thanks to the influence of the teachers and support staff. My grand-daughter has been here since PreK-3 and is now in 8th grade. I would recommend St. Casimir Catholic School to any parents, grandparent or guardian who cares about the academics and personal growth of their child.

— Mary Hocking, Grandparent


Fundraising at St. Casimir School is accomplished through the following:

The Home & School Association funding activities may be found under the Home & School portion of About Us. 

The Development Office is responsible for the Annual Fund for tuition assistance.  The yearly program begins in October and continues through June 30th of that year.  Contributions are solicited from alumni, parishioners, faculty/staff, school board members, and friends of our school.  Please consider the following programs before you shop!

Sign up for a Safeway Club Card at any Safeway location. In the fall and spring, Safeway offers a 10% Back to School program with our earnings last year of over $2,000. You must re-register each year by September 1st for your club card at http://www.safeway.com/ifl/grocery/card-programs.  Our school’s ID is 6562569.

Box Tops for Education
Please cut out the qualifying box top square only from participating General MIlls items which include the following brands…All Betty Crocker baking items, Bisquick, Gold Medal Flour, Cereal, Fruit Snacks, Hamburger Helper, Potatoes, Yoplait Yogurt, Lloyds Barbeque, Progresso Soup, Old El Paso, Create a Meal, Green Giant canned vegetables and frozen items, Pillsbury Grands, Biscuits, Crescent rolls, etc.  A complete list of items may be found at www.boxtopsfor education.com. The program runs all year long.  Please send the box tops in an envelope to the Development Office.  We receive a check from Box Tops for Education for our total donation at the end of the year.

Giant A+ Bonus Bucks Program
Sign up for a Giant A+ Bonus Card by filling out an application at a Giant Store or go online to www.giantfood.com.  After signing up for the card, fill out a school designation form for St. Casimir School, ID #01516.  We receive a check for a percentage of the amount raised by all schools . You must register your card – phone numbers will no longer be accepted at the registers.

Target Red Card
Sign up for  Target Visa, designate our school and a percentage of all purchases made on your card will go to St. Casimir School.

Campbell’s Soup Labels
Please save all Campbell’s soup labels (but only cut out and send in the UPC code box).  For a complete list of qualifying products, please visit to www.elabelsforeducation.com. Each label is worth 1cent and with their program we may select desired items from a catalog for purchase.  Please send all UPC codes in an envelope to the school  Development Office.

Grants are applied for throughout the year based on the needs of the school.

Corporate Matching Gifts
Many corporations recognize and are willing to support provate education through a matching gift program.  Your employer can advise you if your company will match your fit – often as much as two or three times your contributions.  If you are considering making a gift to the annaul fund, we encourage you to explore your company’s matching gift program.  If you have any questions concerning matching gifts, please contact cglenn@stcasimirschool.us.