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About Us

St. Casimir Catholic School, an integral part of  St. Casimir parish,  seeks to offer the highest quality Catholic education for children of all races and faiths in the Franciscan tradition. We prepare each student to make a positive difference in society in a nurturing and safe environment. We encourage our students to discover and develop their God-given talents in an atmosphere that fosters Catholic values.

Our Community:

Nestled in the heart of Canton, St. Casimir Catholic School has provided a high quality education to families generation after generation in a warm, nurturing, safe environment since 1902. In partnership with St. Casimir  Church, we foster the development of young people who will become competent, faith-filled, productive members of society. The school strives to meet the challenge of preparing our students for a technological world that is still developing and ever changing! Because of our location two blocks from the Canton waterfront, St. Casimir Catholic School students have a unique opportunity to develop an appreciation of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, ecosystem, and habitats in an urban environment. Our strong efforts in this area earned us the 2004 Maryland Green School Award with re-accreditation in 2008 and 2012.


St. Casimir Catholic School is a fully accredited, Catholic school, grades Pre-K  3 through 8, serving the parish community of St. Casimir Catholic Church in Baltimore, Maryland. St. Casimir Catholic School is dedicated to excellence in education in light of the teachings of Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church. At the core of the school is a strong, Christ-centered, close-knit faith community where pastor, parish council, school board, parents, faculty and students work together to attain common goals. The school celebrates the uniqueness and dignity of each student and encourages every child to discover and develop their special talents, sense of self-appreciation, decision making skills, and personal values guided by our Catholic Christian traditions. Each student is thus enabled to witness to his or her faith, to reach out to others in love and compassion, and to work toward solutions of human problems.

St. Casimir Catholic School seeks to develop within each student a curiosity, love of, and responsibility for learning. Through a strong academic program, student learning is facilitated from its most fundamental stages to the complex level of mature, intellectual thinking where students analyze, synthesize, and critique subject matter of increased difficulty. The school’s educational process promotes the development of the total person by encouraging spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. A variety of faith experiences, curricular and co-curricular opportunities, and activities round out the total development of our students.

This unique approach prepares our students to assume responsible, creative roles in an ever challenging and changing world, with the realization that Christ continues his work through them, empowering each of them to become committed and fully functioning members of the Catholic Church and the world of the 21st century.