Student Services

St. Casimir Catholic School is committed to providing our students with a positive learning environment in which each child is challenged to develop to his or her full potential academically, spiritually, and morally. In order to achieve this goal, we provide our students with the following student services:

Before and After School Care

We strive to make child care easy and seamless for our busy working parents.  Our program is  managed by St. Casimir School and is not outsourced..  Students are typically grouped by age and have many options available for them to unwind after school. To learn more please visit our before and aftercare page.

School Nurse: 

St. Casimir Catholic School has a registered nurse on-site. The nurse will attend to the student and decide if the child is to return to class or be sent home.  An adult must come to take the student home. If any injury to the head or any other serious injury occurs to a student, the nurse will call the parent/guardian. 

Guidance Services: 

The school consultant at St. Casimir Catholic School provides services to enhance students’ overall learning and growth academically, socially and emotionally. Services include individual supportive counseling, small issue- oriented groups, classroom presentations, new student lunch bunches, consultation with staff, participation in outside team meetings, referrals for specialized services in the community and collaboration with mental health providers.

Title 1 Reading Services 

Title I is a federal program that provides extra academic support and learning opportunities to qualified students. If a student qualifies for Title 1 Services, they will receive these services here at St. Casimir Catholic School.