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School Board

School Board  Members 2016-2017

Peter Arend- Chair
Molly Hubbard Co-Chair
Joan Trush
Dan Popera
Michael Rogers
Dominic Slezak
Karen Davidson
Bernadette Sroka
Peter Agnew
John Caruso
Mike Muth
Vicorino Malabayabas
Adam Mazurek Jr.
William Whitehurst
Michele Salvino
Fr. Dennis Grumsey, OFM Conv., Pastor, St. Casimir Church
Bernadette Vece, Pastoral Assistant
Noreen Heffner, Principal
Denise Bates, HSA President


Our School Board is an advisory board subject to the regulations of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  Its primary responsibility is to ensure that the assets and personnel of the school are used to promote and strengthen the school and parish community.  In addition, the Board’s additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to, recommending tuition rates each year, ensuring implementation of and compliance with policies of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, implementing and/or supporting desirable educational and communication programs, and bolstering the financial strength of the school.