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We began our school search when we arrived in Baltimore two years ago. St. Casimir School has proven to fulfill its mission to provide a nurturing and safe environment for students. As parent volunteers we have witnessed the faculty and staff’s genuine interest in each student. Our children are happy to go to school and at the end of the day eager to share new things they have learned. Our family is fortunate to have become a part of the St. Casimir School family. — Joanne and Scott Boylan, Parents


Our daily academic subjects of Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are enhanced with our weekly subjects of Instructional Art ,  Technology, Spanish, Physical Education, Music, Library, and Health in grades K to 8.

• Our Catholic faith permeates all curriculum areas and the educational process.
• All students take Religion and attend Mass each Friday.
• All classrooms and the PC lab are Internet connected.
• Technology is integrated into all grade levels using Desktop PCs, Interactive White Boards, and mobile laptop cart in grades 3-8.
• Reading and Math resource teachers and a licensed counselor are available.
• Teacher aides are employed in the early childhood program.
• 8th grade offers both Pre-Algebra and Algebra determined by the student’s skills along with enrichment programs.
• Strong Language Arts program which incorporates literature, grammar, phonics, spelling, writing, vocabulary development and directed reading lessons.
• Instrumental Music is an optional program for students in grades 4 – 8.


Homework is an important component of instruction at St. Casimir Catholic School. It provides essential reinforcement and processing time for material covered in school. It also provides parents with an opportunity to monitor their child’s learning in addition to what is seen on tests, quizzes, and projects. Finally, it promotes time management and a sense of responsibility, which are essential life skills.