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I love St. Casimir Catholic School and offer thanks to the influence of the teachers and support staff. My grand-daughter has been here since PreK-3 and is now in 8th grade. I would recommend St. Casimir Catholic School to any parents, grandparent or guardian who cares about the academics and personal growth of their child.

— Mary Hocking, Grandparent

Faculty & Staff

School Year 2015-2016 — Faculty & Staff

Principal Mrs. Noreen Heffner nheffner@stcasimirschool.us
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Tina Micklos tina@stcasimirschool.us
Secretary Mrs. Ronnie Kulbicki rkulbicki@stcasimirschool.us
Development Mrs. Clare Glenn cglenn@stcasimirschool.us
Academic Support Mrs. Jackie Griffith jgriffith@stcasimirschool.us
PreK-3 Half Day Mrs. Mary Hilliard mhilliard@stcasimirschool.us
PreK-3 Full Day Ms. Cecilia Wright cwright@stcasimirschool.us
PreK-3 Assistant Mrs. Rosemary Blair
Pre K-4 Mrs. Mary Finecey mfinecey@stcasimirschool.us
PreK-4 Assistant Mrs. Jody Cirigliano
Pre K-4 Ms. Kaitlyn Williams kwilliams@stcasimirschool.us
Pre K-4  Assistant Mrs. Jan Schwirian
Kindergarten Mrs. Melanie Conley mconley@stcasimirschool.us
Kindergarten Mrs. Judy Speck jspeck@stcasimirschool.us
Kindergarten Assistant Mrs. Barbi Oyola
Grade 1 Ms. Kara Stephen kstephen@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 1 Ms. Alissa Apicella aapicella@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 1 Assistant Mrs. Erin Webb
Grade 2 Ms. Gretchen Vogel gvogel@stcasimirschool.us
 Grade 2 Assistant Ms. Pintet Halasan
Grade 3 Team Teaching Ms. Melissa Colflesh mcolflesh@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 3 Team Teaching Ms. Dena Stewart dstewart@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 4 Ms. Regina Bellizzi rbellizzi@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 5 – Library Mrs. Lois Dudley ldudley@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 6 Middle School Ms. Marie Snyder msnyder@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 7 Middle School Mrs. Sara Ruffini sruffini@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 8 Middle School Mrs. Nancy Borkoski nborkoski@stcasimirschool.us
Spanish Mrs. Marcia Miller mmiller@stcasimirschool.us
Music Mrs. Allison Gardner agardner@stcasimirschool.us
Art – Math Ms. Christina Hofmann crhofmann@stcasimirschool.us
Computer/Technology Coordinator Mrs. Patricia Stelmaszczyk patstel@stcasimirschool.us
Physical Education Mr. Lamont (Coach P.) Pennick lpennick@stcasimirschool.us
Food Service Mrs. Mary Miller & Mrs. Jill Gosk lunch@stcasimirschool.us
Before School Care Mrs. Shirley Hamer
 After School Care Ms. Jan Schwirian
Mrs. Jill Gosk
Ms. Anna Schwirian
Custodial Mrs. Rosemary Blair
Maintenance Mr. Michael Pasquariello