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We began our school search when we arrived in Baltimore two years ago. St. Casimir School has proven to fulfill its mission to provide a nurturing and safe environment for students. As parent volunteers we have witnessed the faculty and staff’s genuine interest in each student. Our children are happy to go to school and at the end of the day eager to share new things they have learned. Our family is fortunate to have become a part of the St. Casimir School family. — Joanne and Scott Boylan, Parents

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff for 2014-2015


Principal Mrs. Noreen Heffner nheffner@stcasimirschool.us
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Tina Micklos tina@stcasimirschool.us
Secretary Mrs. Ronnie Kulbicki rkulbicki@stcasimirschool.us
Development Mrs. Clare Glenn cglenn@stcasimirschool.us
PreK-3 Half Day Mrs. Allison Gardner agardner@stcasimirschool.us
PreK-3 Full Day Ms. Cecilia Wright cwright@stcasimirschool.us
PreK-3 Assistant Mrs. Rosemary Blair  
Pre K-4 Mrs. Mary Finecey mfinecey@stcasimirschool.us
PreK-4 Assistant Mrs. Jan Schwirian  
Pre K-4 Ms. Judy Wobbeking jwobbeking@stcasimirschool.us
Pre K-4  Assistant Mrs. Jody Cirigliano  
Kindergarten Mrs. Melanie Conley mconley@stcasimirschool.us
Kindergarten Mrs. Laurel Enoch lenoch@stcasimirschool.us
Kindergarten Assistant Mrs. Pintet Halasan  
Grade 1
Grade 1 Assistant
Mr. Davis Lee Ruark
Ms. Barbi Oyola
Grade 2 Ms. Christina Hofmann crhofmann@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 2 Ms. Gretchen Vogel gvogel@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 3 Ms. Melissa Colflesh mcolflesh@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 4 Ms. Regina Bellizzi rbellizzi@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 5 Mrs. Lois Dudley ldudley@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 6 Middle School Mrs. Shirley Richa sricha@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 7 Middle School Mrs. Nancy Borkoski nborkoski@stcasimirschool.us
Grade 8 Middle School Mrs. Sara Ruffini sruffini@stcasimirschool.us
Middle School Mrs. Dena Stewart dlstewart@stcasimirschool.us 
Academic Support Mrs. Jackie Griffith jgriffith@stcasimirschool.us
Physical Education Mr. Lamont (Coach P.) Pennick lpennick@stcasimirschool.us
Spanish -Art Mrs. Marcia Miller mmiller@stcasimirschool.us
Music Mrs. Allison Gardner agardner@stcasimirschool.us
Library Mrs. Lois Dudley ldudley@stcasimirschool.us
Technology Coordinator Mrs. Patricia Stelmaszczyk patstel@stcasimirschool.us

Food Service Mrs. Mary Miller & Mrs. Jill Gosk lunch@stcasimirschool.us
Before School Care Mrs. Shirley Hamer  
After School Care Ms. Jan Schwirian
Ms. Anna Schwirian
Mrs. Jill Gosk
Custodial Mrs. Rosemary Blair  
Maintenance Mr. Michael Pasquariello